Author Visit

What a great afternoon we had on Thursday 27th September, with a really friendly and informative visit from author, Cathy Farr, and her gentle giant of an Irish Wolfhound, Finn. The children from Years 4 to 8 were treated to a talk, a reading from her first book, Moon Chase, and they took a very active part in a question and answer session. Finn slept through most of the afternoon apart from an occasional hiccough and the children were all allowed to have a little stroke of him after the talk. Book sales were rapid after the reading and it was easy to see that the children were eager to read the books for themselves. Cathy signed over 63 books in about twenty minutes which was no mean feat. I hope your children were as excited about meeting a real author as I was and I look forward to hearing what they think of the books as they start reading them. Cathy can be contacted through her website ( where you can find out even more about her and follow her progress with the next book!

Year 5 working in break!

Year 5, inspired by their Andy Goldsworthy nature project, have found themselves working on additional sculptures in their break time…..Ellie, Alex and Alex gathered items from the school grounds to create a giant birds nest with bug hideout!

Year 3 DT

In Year 3 DT this week, the children were making Musical Instruments!
Here is an example of what they came up with…