Old Tockingtonian Society London Party

Seventeen people attended the OT London Party last Thursday at the Holborn Whippet. There was a lovely cross- section of ages including our very first OT Alastair Rattray. It was a very enjoyable evening.
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‘Valerie Bloom’ event review by Tom Edwards

Years 4, 5 and 6 recently went on a trip to the Arnolfini theatre in Bristol to see Valerie Bloom, a poet. Tom Edwards in Year 6 wrote an excellent review of the event…

On November 7th 2012, Tockington Manor School years 4, 5 and 6 went on a trip to see Jamaican poet, Valerie Bloom, at the Arnolfini Theatre in Bristol.
The mood on the bus was electric with excited anticipation as we set off to the theatre. We had read a few of the poems in her book, “Hot Like Fire”, but we had never seen her in real life. As we got off the bus, we were buzzing, talking about what poems would be performed and what it would be like. We were in for a pleasant surprise. Why we had never heard of her before came as an all-round shock.
When Valerie came out first impressions were that she was a happy, forever-smiling, black Jamaican. As she introduced herself instantly her strong accent came through. After a short background about herself, she went on to her first poem called “Chicken Pox” written about her daughter, who was born prematurely, when she caught the Chicken Pox.
From the time she came on stage to the moment she walked off, she did not show a hint of nerves. Neither did this come through with her poems. She recited them with an obviously practised ease that was both memorable and inspirational. She tried to include the audience whenever she could, which also added to the experience of the great day out. Other poems were “Sandwich” about a boy whose Jamaican Grandma confiscates his sandwich and replaces it with a classic Jamaican picnic.
The only things I disliked about this day was sometimes when she started speaking fast, it was difficult to make out, and some rather un-inquisitive children were more interested in the way that she balanced things on her head than how she wrote her poetry.
But overall, with truckloads of laughs and a day out for all the family, Valerie Bloom’s performance was both thrilling and funny.
With poems that come from the heart and hit you in the heart, it is a massive thumbs-up for Valerie Bloom’s performance poetry.

‘The Storm’ by Bellayia Lazarides

Year 5 wrote poems to personify the weather inspired by a poem by Carl Sandburg called “Fog”. This poem by Bellayia Lazarides really stood out…

The Storm
Thunder arrives with a ‘bang’
He storms around with big, elephant toes,
Then grunts and storms off in anger.
He booms as loud as he can,
And fades away gruffly.
He grumbles back like a bully,
Hitting and punching the air.
He is a horrible, unfair person.

John Muir Award

Congratulations to all our Year 8 pupils who gained their John Muir Award this week as a result of their hard work at Stackpole, Pembrokeshire during their geography fieldwork week. They passed all four parts of the award (Discovery, Exploring, Conserving, Sharing).