National Youth Choir of Great Britain

Congratulations to Aditi Mehendale, Tom Edwards and Olivia Campbell who, following auditions, have been offered places in the National Youth Choir of Great Britain. They will have an opportunity this year to receive some intensive choral training and the chance to sing at the Royal Albert Hall. As reported in last week’s Tracker, all three children achieved their Grade 3 singing exam at the end of last term. Well done!
National Youth Choir

OT’s Boxing Day Hockey Match

Here are some pictures taken at the annual Old Tockingtonian’s Hockey Match on Boxing Day:

Zoo Lab Visit

On Friday 11th January ZooLab came to visit everyone from Year 1 to Year 8. We were introduced to a number of different animals, from Cuddles the Corn Snake to Mel the Millipede. Different workshops focused on different aspects of the animals, from camouflage and adaptation to habitats and deforestation. All the pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day and I am sure one or two have asked for a new pet. I hope that the visit has helped to inspire the next generation of zoologists!
zoo lab2

Published Poets

For the second year running, we have a flush of published poets in the school. Children who attend Creative Writing Club put pen to paper to write poems which had to display an awareness of a wide range of poetic techniques. In other words, poets had to use the toolkit of rhyme, rhythm, alliteration, onomatopoeia, assonance, simile, metaphor and so on. Not all of the techniques had to be used, but poets had to consider how to create an effect in their poems. All of our entries are to be published, which is very exciting. The book, Poetry Detectives from the South West, in which the poems will appear, will be published in March and a copy of the book will be held in the prestigious British Library and other libraries across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Once the books are published, further announcements will be made about which poets will receive even greater rewards than certificates, bookmarks and publications. We await that day with great anticipation.
The poets are:

  • Lucy Allan-Jones
  • Henry Allan-Jones
  • Abigail Blackwell
  • Tom Edwards
  • Lucy England

Well done to all of you for working on your poems in your own time and in Creative Writing. Bravo!