Images from Children in Need day

Here are some of the pictures taken on Children in Need day 2013, when we were visited by Pudsey bear…

Year 4 at Bristol Museum

Year 4 had a fantastic morning at Bristol Museum on Wednesday. They were able to handle artifacts, some of which were over 3000 years old, solve puzzles and spend time in the Ancient Egypt gallery, looking at the real objects that they have read about in books. Their knowledge of Ancient Egypt and their deductive skills really impressed the Museum staff and their behaviour was impeccable.
S Gooch

Year 1 Florence Nightingale Workshop

Year 1 had great fun learning about Florence Nightingale with Kirsty from the Freshwater Theatre Company. They learnt about her life and work in a very hands on way. Florence talked about her journey to Crimea and her work in the hospital. She even had them scrubbing the floor!

Year 1 have fun in the Florence Nightingale Workshop

Year 1 have fun in the Florence Nightingale Workshop