Open Arms International & TMS

TMS recently raised £197.73 for Open Arms International to support their fabulous work in Kenya. The children all came to school in Kenyan colours for a mufti day. Mrs Helen Harrison, a Thornbury representative of Open Arms, delivers regular school assemblies informing us of the sterling work that the charity undertakes in Kenya. They support orphans and vulnerable children in the Eldoret region of the country. They do this through the provision of high quality education and medical care, giving access to all. Further information can be obtained from

Mrs Harrison with Years 5, 6 and 7 pupils who have pen pals in Eldoret.

Mrs Harrison with Years 5, 6 and 7 pupils who have pen pals in Eldoret.

Adventurer Sean Conway visits TMS

Adventurer Sean Conway visited the school this week to talk to the children about his many adventures.

He described the most memorable thing in his life as finishing the swim from Lands End to John O Groats. “The water was freezing but the sense of achievement was incredible; I just broke down in tears.”

When asked what was his motivation was Sean described in depth how he was told as a child that he couldn’t do things and as a consequence he started to not believe in himself. His message to the children was quite clear that they should believe in themselves and that they can achieve anything they want to. The children should set themselves a goal in life and go out and achieve that goal. Apart from wishing that we could have less rain in this country Sean would like people to be more confident in themselves and have a good education. This philosophy is shared by Tockington Manor and is why Sean was such an ideal visitor to the school.

Mosaic Madness!

We had a wonderful two days in the Art Room this week working with mosaic artist, Emma Leith, to create our enormous Tree of Life, which will eventually hang outside the library. Earlier this term every child in the school (including the nursery) decorated their own leaf with mosaic tiles. Under Emma’s instruction all these leaves were glued onto the tree shaped wooden backboard and each year group spent time mosaicing different elements of the tree. We have almost finished it – here are a few photographs as a sneak preview.

Year 4’s Age of Exploration

While studying the Age of Exploration, Year 4 experience the delights of one of the main foods on board a 15th Century Carrack – hardtack (ship’s biscuit), complete with maggots and stale water! Spot the children who are not keen on their fruit and veg…black gums and spots – scurvy has set in. Some even had to help their poor swollen gums by softening the hard biscuit in water. Thankfully, after a healthy helping of peas and oranges in the school dining room, all signs of the dreadful disease had vanished!
Mrs Gooch.