Easter Egg Hunt

Year 1 and Year 2 had great fun taking part in their egg hunt in the Rose Garden. No-one spotted the Easter Bunny, but Rafael Rey-Jones found the chocolate Easter chick!
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Thornbury Eisteddfod Results

Speech & Drama
On Saturday a large number our our children took part in the Speech and Drama Eisteddfod in Thornbury. They performed very well indeed and had a very positive experience in the hands of the adjudicator, Rebecca Thompson. The children all had great courage in a range of different classes including Poetry Recital, Duo Poetry, Reading Aloud, Story-Telling, Shakespeare Solo and Acting. There were many notable achievements and the children coped very well with the pressure which they must have been feeling. The adjudicator spelled out how important it was to be able to stand up in front of an audience you have not met before and perform publicly and described this as an essential life skill. We hope to have just as much enthusiasm for the Eisteddfod next year and congratulate all of the children for their determination, courage, application, reliability and good sportsmanship. Well done!

We had some fantastic results in the Music section of the Thornbury Eisteddfod. A few of the highlights are listed below.

Speech and Drama Results
Hannah Williams: Poetry recital Merit
Lily Edwards: Poetry recital 2nd place Distinction
Henry Packham: Poetry recital Merit
Elodie Preston: Poetry recital 1st place Distinction
Georgina Loring: Poetry recital Joint 2nd place Commended
Helena Brain: Poetry recital Merit
Tabitha Huby: Poetry recital Commended
Olivia Banks: Poetry recital Commended
Poppy Carter: Poetry recital Commended
Annabel Sheppard: Poetry recital 3rd place Commended
Adassa Walker: Poetry recital 2nd place Distinction
Aditi Mehendale: Poetry recital unknown result
Henry Allan-Jones: Poetry recital unknown result
Seren Clayton: Poetry recital 1st place Commended
Oliver Shutt and Tom Edwards: Duo Poem Joint 3rd
Alex Gooch and George Symonds: Duo Poem 2nd place Distinction
Lucy Allan-Jones and Olivia Campbell: Duo poem 1st place Distinction
Ella Howard-Robinson and Adassa Walker: Duo poem Commended
Helena Brain and Olivia Banks: Duo poem Commended
Aditi Mehendale: Reading Aloud Merit
Lucy Allan-Jones : Reading Aloud Merit
Angus Duncan: Reading Aloud Commended
Tabitha Huby: Reading Aloud Commended
Poppy Carter: Reading Aloud Commended
Beth Pritchard: Story telling Commended
Tom Edwards: Shakespeare Solo 1st place Distinction
TMS Players: Group Acting (Adassa, Talia, Olivia Banks, Beth, Ella, Amy) 1st place
Tom Edwards: Outstanding Performer in the Eisteddfod Speech and Drama special award unanimously voted by the Committee

Music Results
Peter Banks: Under 11 Piano 3rd Place
Aditi Mehendale: Under 14 Piano 1st Place
Aditi Mehendale, Olivia Campbell & Lucy Allan-Jones: Piano Trio 1st Place
Olivia Campbell: Under 14 Woodwind 3rd Place
Lower School Choir: 2nd Place Distinction
Junior Choir: 1st Place Distinction
Performance Choir: 1st Place Distinction
Alys Wakeling: Under 8 Singing 3rd Place
Annabel Sheppard: Under 11 Singing: 1st/1st/2nd Place
Tom Edwards: Under 14 Show Songs 3rd Place
Seren Clayton: Under 14 Show Songs 2nd Place
Olivia Campbell: Traditional Class 3rd Place
Aditi Mehendale: Traditional Class 2nd Place