Gloucestershire League Cross Country

On the first Saturday of half term our cross country team went to Tewkesbury for the final of the four Gloucestershire League Cross Country meetings. All the runners did their best with excellent results. The Under 13 boys team won a silver medal with Alex Grocott winning an individual silver medal and Alex Jacobi placed 5th – a great result for them as they were a year younger than most others in their category. The Under 13 girls team come 4th with Ellie Parker placed 6th. The Under 11 boys team was also 4th with Otis Walker placed 4th. The Under 11 girls again come 4th with Dalis Jones winning the bronze medal. Well done to all those who took part.
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Totally Tockington Edition 76

Welcome once again to Totally Tockington – the paper written BY students FOR students. Knowing that Pancake Day is on its way, we thought we would explore the idea of being flat as a pancake. We hope that you will find lots of things of interest in this edition of the paper from Georgina’s sayings, to Toby’s puppets, from Lily’s review of a GREAT book to how to make delicious, yummy, tasty, mouth-watering, scrumptious pancakes with the help of the lovely Talia! There are many, many other super articles for your delectation this week and we hope that you will find something to tickle your tastebuds! This edition of the paper is Georgina’s last as full-time Editor. You might remember that she decided to share her Editorship with the sub-editor, Tabitha. So, we thank her for all of her fantastic efforts for the paper and she will remain with us in the post of sub-Editor after the half-term holiday. What a wonderful job she has done!

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Year 3 Geography

Year 3 had great fun in Geography this week learning about food that comes from the rainforest. They found out what types of food come from the rainforest, how they get from the rainforest to our supermarkets and what ‘Fairtrade’ means. They had an exciting time performing a taste test of differ-ent rainforest food, followed by describing their appearance, smell, texture and taste.
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Bristol Old Vic Theatre School

We had a fantastic hour on Thursday afternoon in the company of the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School who performed Julius Caesar for us in our very own hall. It was fantastic. The children, who had all been made familiar with the story during the week, were mesmerised by all of the theatrical effects and the clever switching of characters. The setting was modern but the language was largely Shakespeare’s own and the themes of human ambition and corruption were timeless! The play, adapted for a younger audience by Toby Hulse, was made very accessible and it was great to see one of the history plays brought to life for such young children. Five of our own Year 8s joined the Old Vic Theatre Group for the afternoon, treading the boards with the actors and delivering lines. Perhaps we have some thespians in the making there? The same Theatre School is putting on The Merchant of Venice and The Heresy of Love. Look for the details online, or on my door at school, if you fancy a trip to the theatre!
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