Totally Tockington Edition 81

Welcome to another issue of Totally Tockington, the paper written BY students FOR students. This week’s theme is films/movies and what a paper we have today! Lily tells you all the secrets of a film in her brilliant article on behind the scenes, Ben tells you everything you need to know about Woolly Mammoths, Iona has found out what everybody’s favourite films are and Georgina asks if cinemas charge too much. All this and more in another brilliant issue of Totally Tockington!

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Mufti day in aid of Nepal

nepalappeal Tockington Manor School held a mufti day yesterday in aid of the Nepal earthquake appeal and raised a fantastic £542.93! Children were asked to wear the colours of the Nepalese flag and arrived in a wonderful array of blues, reds, whites, stars, moons and suns. Thank you to everyone for your participation and donations; with your help this money will now be put to the best possible use – saving lives in Nepal. We are still counting and any further donations are welcome.

Elections at TMS


This morning we held a mock election at TMS to shadow the General Election and to give the children a chance to be voters. We had four political parties under the names of Transform, Vision, Progress and Tomorrow and all had representatives in Year 8.

The party leaders delivered their speeches to the audience of Staff and Years 3 to 7. The speeches contained a mix of issues of national and international importance and then some of a more local nature, better suited to children at school. The speeches over, the Year 8’s took up their roles in the Polling Station and saw that the election was run fairly from the sealed ballot box to issuing the ballot papers to the already registered voters.


Voting was orderly and good-natured. At the voting booths, the votes were cast by secret ballot. As the ballot box filled with ballot papers, the four parties looked on nervously. The last voter cast his vote with just one minute to spare before the Polling Station officially closed. Votes were counted, overseen by the official Vote Counting Officer and local magistrate, Miss Fox. The results were announced to the voters as they broke. The Transform Party was elected with 36 votes. Tomorrow got 31; Progress got 28 and Vision got 13 votes.

You might be interested to know that the Transform party stands for:

• Making breaks longer by 15 minutes
• Removing tuition fees at universities
• Taking 20% of all travel
• Helping troubled families by dropping taxes and giving more support

Year 8 made a great job of running this election and we applaud all of their efforts.