Totally Tockington Edition 91

Ho! Ho! Ho! And welcome to another issue of Totally Tockington, the paper written BY students FOR students! It’s nearly Christmas and I am so excited, are you? I’m sure you are! Advent calendars and Christmas trees, are you getting into the Christmas spirit yet? Anyway, in this paper we have loads of Christmassy things including: Harry B’s AMAZING handmade Christmas tree, Toby’s reindeer facts, Lily’s festive pets, Harry H’s candy canes and much more! Enjoy!

Totally Tockington Edition 90

Hello and welcome to Totally Tockington! The paper written FOR students BY students! This week with Totally Tockington, you get your own amazing 16 day Advent Calendar to start the countdown to Christmas. There is an article for every day, leading up to December 16th. I don’t know about you but I LOVE Christmas! Why not start by reading Anya’s article on Christmas films to help you decide what to watch, and then how about Elodie’s and Jeanne’s articles on Christmas around the world and then finish off by reading Harry’s article on football! All this and more in Totally Tockington!