Totally Tockington Edition 100

Hello, and welcome to another issue of Totally Tockington, the paper written BY children FOR children. This paper is very special because it is our 100th edition! Imagine all of our amazing papers that have come before! As you can probably guess, the theme is 100 and we have pretty much everything to do with 100 that you could ever need to know. Why not start by looking at Anya’s amazing article on 100 things to do when you feel bored – you will never be bored again! Then, complete Jonathan’s awesome dates and facts quiz, feast your eyes on Ben Jacobi’s £110 meal and finally be amazed by Gemma’s 100 matchstick picture! All this an much, much more in this week’s special edition of Totally Tockington! Sit back and relax and enjoy Totally Tockington! Georgina Loring and Tabitha Huby Editors of Team A and Team B.

Totally Tockington Edition 99

Hello and welcome to another issue of Totally Tockington, the paper written BY students FOR students! This week the theme is pets, do you have any pets? If you don’t, I’m sure this paper will tell you EVERYTHING that you need to know!

From cats to budgies, and dogs to alpacas – we have pretty much every type of pet you will ever need to know about! Including: celebrity pets, by Elizabeth; alpacas by Harry H; budgies, by Jai; and find out all about Lily’s Newfoundland puppy! Sounds like another amazing paper! Enjoy!

Totally Tockington Edition 98

Hello and welcome to another issue of Totally Tockington – the paper written FOR students BY students. This week’s paper is about the one and only Her Majesty the Queen, who has just celebrated her ninetieth birthday. Find out all about her life. You could start by reading Anya’s article on the Queen’s corgis or Isabel’s royal family tree. Marvel at Jacob’s coat of arms; explore Buckingham Palace with Angel. Plus, there is an awesome quiz where you can win cool prizes. All this and more in this week’s edition of Totally Tockington.