The pastoral arrangements for boarders are excellent.

ISI 2012

Parents living overseas, or those who envisage having to live abroad in the future, might find the following points will help put their minds at rest.

End of term arrangements and flights
International boarders must check their flight times with the school office prior to booking, to ensure they coordinate with the children’s escorts.  At the end of the Summer Term, short term overseas boarders and those who need transfer to the airport must book their flights for the last Friday of term (the day before Speech Day), we do not offer transfers to the airport on Speech Day. The Headmaster would prefer Year 8 children to attend speech day if they have been here for the whole year, their parents may collect in person and attend speech day as the children may well have prizes to receive.

As mentioned in the prospectus, arrangements can be made to escort children to and from Heathrow and Bristol airports at the beginning and end of each term, and also at half-term. Further details and charges for this service can be obtained from school.

These are two long exeat weekends in each term, in addition to half-term, where no Saturday School takes place. However the Boarding House remains open if required for full-time boarders.

All children living overseas are required to have a guardian in this country who will look after them over exeat weekends and the half-term breaks each term.

All boarders come under the care of the school doctor during their time at the school.

The house staff check all overseas children’s clothing at the end of each term to ensure all items are accounted for. Uniform is washed and/or dry-cleaned as necessary, for which a small charge is made. At the start of a new term uniform is checked for sizing and replaced as necessary, according to parents’ instructions, i.e with new or from our nearly-new shop.

Contact with the Boarding House
If you wish to contact the House Parents directly the best method is via e-mail. The children have access to a computer in the evening and are able to contact you via e-mail if they wish.
Telephones: The boarders are allowed mobile phones and are free to use them in a ‘supervised’ environment from 7.30 pm to bedtime. Please ensure the phones are clearly named. However, boarders are not permitted to phone or text each other and must adhere to the guidelines. Phones will be confiscated if misused. From 7.00 pm to bedtime is the time when it is most convenient to contact your children as they will be in the boarding house (this includes weekends).

Parents are welcome to telephone the Headmaster to discuss children’s welfare and progress.