About Tockington Manor School


Tockington Manor’s mission is to develop lifelong learners and to encourage our children to be the best that they can be.


Our aim at Tockington Manor School (TMS) is to provide a caring, safe and happy environment where children from 2-13 years develop their individual abilities and enjoy an effective education tailored to their needs and interests.

We offer a family based education for children that embraces integrity, Christian values and encourages children from different backgrounds to respect the needs of others and, in doing so, understand their own needs more clearly.

We value every child and aim to foster their intellectual, emotional, social and moral development through a well balanced curriculum that inspires and motivates individuals to achieve their full potential.
TMS embraces change through the children’s needs to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.


The key values underpinning Tockington Manor School and its commitment to its children are identified in the following principles:

  • Showing courtesy and respect
  • Supporting the family community
  • Developing the talent of each individual
  • Encouraging the best effort from every member
  • Fostering a sense of enquiry and joy in the value of knowledge and learning
  • Providing children with a sense of identity, ambition and confidence without arrogance