Good food is one of the main aims of the School, and our menus are healthy and well balanced.
Boarders Health
The House Parents personally supervise the children’s health care in close liaison with the Headmaster and his wife. Boarders are registered with the local medical practice. The school medical form should be completed and handed in when a child starts school.
Day children
In accordance with the DfES guidelines, parents of children on medication but still well enough to attend school should complete a ‘green form’ and hand it in, with the medicine that needs to be administered, to the Day Matron or member of the house staff on duty. A supply of these forms can be obtained from the school. Children may of course carry Ventolin inhalers for their own use, but these must be clearly named.
Dental and orthodontic treatment is the responsibility of parents except in an emergency. It would be appreciated if such appointments could be arranged for holiday time.
It is the parents’ responsibility to inform the school of any infections as soon as they are discovered.
If your child has to be absent from school for any reason, or needs to leave early, a note to this effect should be sent to the Headmaster. The school is legally obliged to record all absences in our daily registers and if we do not know why a child is away from school, this is recorded as an ‘unauthorised absence’ and reported to the DfES in the annual truancy return.
Day Pupils: If sickness prevents your child from coming to school, a phone call to the School Office before 9.00 am is appreciated. If he/she is unfit for games, please send a written note to the house staff giving the reason. The activities of all boys and girls are strictly controlled by the ‘off games’ list. There are supervised activities for those ‘off games’ during games periods, including Saturday afternoons.
Holidays: Plenty of notice is given for school holidays and parents are requested not to take their children away from school for holidays in term time. In cases where parents do need to take their child away, the Headmaster should always be consulted well in advance.