Personal Accident Insurance
The termly bill includes a premium to cover accidents at school. (It does NOT cover accidents at home.)
School Fees Protection Scheme/BUPA
Covers absence from school due to illness/private health care.
School Fees Trust Scheme
Pays a child’s education costs in the event of death or terminal illness of an insured parent.
Details of all schemes, together with School Fees Planning, may be obtained from the School Bursar, as well as claims forms for those participating in the schemes.
Complaints Procedure
The Headmaster makes every effort to be around at arrival and departure times so that any concerns can be discussed as they arise. In the first place, the Headmaster is usually the first point of contact. Serious complaints, however, should always be committed to paper. The Governors have access to any such complaints and will also note the Headmaster’s response. If it is felt that the matter has not been adequately covered, parents may contact the Chairman of Governors.