Pastoral Care

Form Teachers
The school has a policy whereby each child is under the care and welfare of a Form Teacher for each academic year. A weekly form period is held when matters of mutual concern can be discussed. Parents are encouraged to liaise with the child’s Form Teacher.
As a community based very much on family life, it is very definitely the school’s policy to try and ensure the children are treated as in a family, and all members of the school are expected to act at all times with consideration and common sense. There is no corporal punishment. There are, however, three rules which must be adhered to: children are not allowed to cross the road in front of the school or enter the swimming pool area without staff supervision. They are also not permitted to leave the school grounds unless accompanied by a responsible adult.
Rewards & Sanctions
The school has a House system based upon stars (good marks) and stripes (bad marks) given by staff, who are allocated an alphabetical letter. Each child in the Lower School and Upper School is a member of one of three Houses, Alexander, Churchill and Cunningham. Those in the Upper School are able to earn red stars for good work and other stars for good behaviour, helpfulness, etc. Stripes are awarded for poor behaviour though not for poor work. At the end of each week these stars and stripes are added up. A ‘behaviour star’ cancels out a stripe. Anyone ending the week with three or more stripes is seen by the Deputy Headmaster and the parents are notified. A ‘wicket’ is given by a member of staff if a child misbehaves or disrupts prep. Three ‘wickets’ in a week result in a child being put on the ‘chores list’. Children are encouraged by their teachers to show good pieces of work to the Headmaster.
Chores List
If a child receives three stripes, more stripes than stars, or accumulates three wickets during the week in prep time, they will be put on the Chores List. This denies them ‘free time’ during the week and enables then to put something back into the school community.
A limited number of senior children is chosen by the Headmaster and staff to become Monitors, who learn to develop a sense of responsibility and broader understanding of what is required of them. They meet informally each week with the
Headmaster and his wife, when a wide range of matters are discussed. Monitors have no powers of discipline over other children other than reporting to the duty staff any disciplinary or pastoral problems.
Four senior children are also appointed each term as Head of Boarding and Sports (Boys’ & Girls’).