Academic Studies

The curriculum is based on an enhanced version of the National Curriculum, and we work towards the 13+ Common Entrance Examination set by the Independent Schools Examination Board, and scholarships to senior independent schools.The Lower School and Years 3 and 4 have a class teacher but are taught by subject teachers for many subjects. Years 5 to 8 are taught by subject teachers in all subjects but are overseen by a Form Teacher.

Years 3 and 4 have a half an hour of prep each night, Year 5 a little more, in which the children are expected to work on their own in silence and without interruption as it is vital that they should acquire the habit of studying by themselves. They also have half an hour of relaxing, educational activities before supper or going home.In Year 6 and above there are two half-hour preps on weekday evenings. Children are expected to receive, understand and act upon instructions given in lesson so that they can work unaided in silence during an hour’s prep time before supper. If they are unable to complete all the allotted work in that time, they may occasionally be expected to finish work at home or in the library after supper. This helps them learn to organise their own work effectively. Children are expected to hand in their prep to a designated area or to a member of staff.

Learning Support/English as a Foreign Language
The school has a specialist department to look after those with disability and special educational needs including dyslexia, for which a separate charge is made. English as a Foreign Language is also taught to pupils from overseas, where necessary.  Our SEND policy is available on request.

Voluntary Extras
Tuition is offered in instrumental music, singing, riding, judo, tennis and with the exception of music and judo, is available to Upper School children only. A varied selection of voluntary evening activities is arranged on a termly basis which takes place between 6.30 and 7.30 pm each weekday evening. They include swimming, archery, football, aerobics, drama, cookery and craft. Fees for music lessons are charged in advance for the first term and a term’s notice of cancellation is required. All other charges are added to the termly bill. A form for completion is sent out at the end of each term.

Parent’s Meetings/Reports
Parent’s meetings for the Upper School are held in the Autumn and Spring Terms and each term for the Lower School. Reports are sent home at the end of each term for the Year 8 and twice a year for the remainder of the school. On Sports Day in the Summer Term parents have the opportunity to visit the classrooms and see some of the academic activities in action, but are always welcome to visit the school and meet the teachers at any time.

Regular outings of educational interest are arranged for the children. During the Summer and Autumn Terms Years 7 and 8 respectively are expected to take part in a five-day visit to France and a Field Study Trip to Wales. Years 6 and 8 go away to camp in the Summer Term. Details are sent in advance to parents and a charge is made to cover the transport, entry fees and any other costs, which is added to the end of term bill.

Book Shop
The school runs a book shop at which children may spend currently up to £15 per term. Prices of books range from £1.50 upwards. The amount spent will be included on the end of term bill. Children may join this scheme by completing the form sent to parents with other papers for new children.