Upper School

“By the time they leave the school, pupils’ personal development is excellent, shown by their mature attitude and ability to discuss complex issues with confidence and sensitivity.”

ISI 2012

The Upper School is for pupils in Years 3-8.
In the Upper School, pupils receive an increasing number of lessons from subject specialist teachers. All classes have an element of evening prep, based on age and ability. This work is undertaken under staff supervision at the school, ensuring that every child studies under the same conditions. Pupils who display outstanding ability in academic subjects, sport and the visual and performing arts are encouraged to work for scholarships to a wide range of schools. Many have gained major prestigious awards.
We also pride ourselves in regularly gaining a high record of achievement in the Common Entrance Exam, supporting all pupils in their preparation for this important stage in their academic career. Some children go on to the independent schools in Bristol and surrounding area by way of their own examination at 13+.

“Pupils’ attainment ….is judged to be high in relation to national age-related expectations.”

ISI 2012

We welcome parents` interest in their children’s academic progress, and our staff are always available for informal discussion. In addition, we organise regular parents` meetings and written reports are sent home at the end of each term for Year 8 and twice a year for the rest of the school.